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I Can't Hide My Wife's Pregnancy: Abhishek Bachchan

Media is constantly busy to bring some thing sensational on pregnancy of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. After replicating same question again and again on Abhishek Bachchan about his wife’s motherhood, he is becoming frustrated.  Although they are in spotlight yet who wishes to be asked on this question repeatedly.

I can't hide my wife's pregnancy Abhishek Bachchan

Two days ago Abhishek was appealed to answer on his plans of being a dad. "Why are you bothered and excited too much on this. I don't understand at all. It is my personal life and now you have reached a level where I can say 'Guys let it be?' I can't hide anything on this issue. If Aishwarya becomes pregnant tomorrow, it is not like we are going to lock and stop her from appearing in public. We know that kids are blessing of god. They will happen when they have to. Speculation is a needless thing in this issue. Apparently we can't hide her pregnancy," says Abhishek Bachchan showing his annoyance.

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