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Pictured: Shocking moment polar bear attacks woman who climbed into zoo enclosure

This is the terrifying moment a woman was attacked by a polar bear after jumping into its zoo enclosure.
The 32-year-old leapt over bars at Berlin Zoo during the bears' feeding time yesterday.
Despite six zookeepers' efforts to distract the four predators kept in the enclosure, the woman was bitten several times on her arms and legs.
 Shocking attack: A woman was mauled by a bear after jumping into a enclosure at Berlin Zoo 

The brave keepers eventually managed to push the bear away and pull the woman to safety.
She was bitten by one of the four older polar bears in the enclosure and not by the famous Knut, who took Germany by storm as a cub after he was hand-raised by a keeper.

Still under attack, the woman swims for and then finally grabs a rope hanging down by rescuers
She finally escapes the bears and is rushed off to hospital for treatment

It is not known why the woman pulled the dangerous stunt but she initially appeared to be elated as she swam towards a bear in the enclosure. 
It is not easy to access the enclosure, which is surrounded by a fence, a line of prickly hedges and a wall.
Heiner Kloes, a zoo spokesman, said keepers pushed the huge bear away before pulling the woman out.
She was taken to a hospital for treatment where she is now recovering after undergoing surgery to heal her wounds.

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