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The proper hygiene when having acne problems

The acne affects millions of people worldwide from all races and ethnic groups. Usually the acne affects mostly youngsters and tends to clear away in mid twenties, but there are many exceptions of both men and women that still have acne problems in late forties and even fifties.
There are some treatments available but none of them can effectively eliminate acne. A very important aspect to pay attention when having acne problems is the hygiene. A good hygiene could ease up a little the acne and in some cases could improve the condition dramatically.
When it comes to proper hygiene for skin with acne there are few important aspects to respect during the everyday routine. Here are some tips:
- Avoid over wash: you need to keep your face clean, but is enough to wash it two times a day, once in the morning and once before going to bed. Use gentle products and avoid scrubbing.
- Do not use alcohol products: the alcohol increases the natural skin sebum secretion so it will make your acne worse.
- No picking or squeezing: by doing that you can make more damage that you think. Squeezing your blemishes could force the bacteria that causes acne even deeper in the skin and could also create scars.
- No touching: your hands are full of bacteria so every time you touch your face the risk of getting more bacteria into the pores gets higher. The P. acnes bacteria can be commonly found on skin but the infection develops only when it gets inside the pores and in the hair follicle.
- Use proper products: you can find different non-comedogenic and anti-acne products. If you find a combination that works for you stick with it and in time your acne condition could improve and even disappear.

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