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Two Headed Baby Born in Brebes, Indonesia

Baby boy born with two heads conjoined twins survived on Bhakti Asih Hospital in Bradford Thursday (13 /1/2011) at 22:20 pm.
Until now the third son of the couple Dirman (40) and Daniroh (35), treated in the incubator room maternity hospital. Bhakti Asih Hospital Pediatrician, Dr. HM Budi Susatya during a press conference to say, babies are born conjoined twins are safe and weighs 3050 grams and 47 centimeters long.
“Based on our examination, the baby has the disorder, including two heads, hands and feet of two, two spine, and chest, and abdomen together,” Budi said in his press conference on Friday (14/01/2011).
Babies born by cesarean section at birth experiencing respiratory difficulty, so that the medical side will make the extra treatments. While considering the limited equipment and manpower, then it is likely the baby will be referred to Kariadi hospital Semarang. Dirman was no idea if the baby will be twins as it is today. This is known as the RS Bhakti Asih perform an ultrasound examination at that time about nine months of pregnancy.
“Hence, we ask that there are parties who could help with medical expenses of our children,” he concluded.

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