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Top 5 Genius Animals

We humans presume we’re smarter than animals, but are we really? Let’s take a closer look as we countdown the
5 Paul the Octopus

In at number 5, he was the eight legged star of the World Cup, I’m speaking of course about psychic cephalopod, Paul the Octopus.
Bookmakers William Hill lost almost $750,000 as Paul the Octopus correctly predicted the result of every Germany game at the World Cup. He signed off with a perfect eight out of eight record by picking Spain to beat the Netherlands in the final.
4 Homing pigeons

At number four, while we humans would be rendered inert without GPS or Google maps, homing pigeons can find their way home from some 1100 miles without any guidance systems.
That’s because these pigeons have iron-containing structures in their beaks, which help them sense the Earth’s magnetic field and identify their geographical position. Now that’s smart.
3 Termites

While the idea of energy efficient homes is a relatively new concepts for us humans, termites have been at it for eons. They’re at number three in our Top 5 Animals Smarter than Us.
A termite species in Zimbabwe has developed a precise technique to farm a fungus they feed on that grows at 87 degrees Fahrenheit. With volatile outside temperatures, the termites have learnt to adjust the inside temperature of their mounds by constantly opening and closing heating and cooling vents.
2 Chimps

In at number two, while Mozart and Monet can lay claim to a photographic memories, they are the exceptions amongst the human population.
Not so in the chimp kingdom where young chimpanzees show an extraordinary working memory capability for numerical recollection, better even than that of human adults tested with the same apparatus following the same procedure.
1 Ants

In at number one, sure we humans can make babies but can we do it without males? That jaw dropping skill is a cakewalk for ants.
A super feminist ant species from the Amazon has developed the ability to reproduce via cloning — dispensing with both s*x and males — to evolve into an all-female breed. Germaine Greer eat your heart out.

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