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Deepika and Siddharth’s public display of love

Mumbai- The latest buzz in tinsel town is that Deepika Padukone and beau Siddharth Mallya were recently spotted hugging and openly kissing each other in public.

The two have finally proved that they are more than friends and that they share a special relationship. The two were recently spotted kissing each other during Royal Challengers victory over Kolkata Knight Riders at Eden Gardens, Kolkata on Friday.
Following the victory of Vijay Mallya’s IPL team, Siddharth and Deepika who were on the stands cheering for the team celebrated the glorious moment with a touch of intimacy.
After lots of gossip with respect to their relationship, their public display of love has proved their relationship status. Despite the two always denying about their relationship and giving it the tag of just friends, their closeness and fondness with each other defines another story altogether.
While, the two were getting cozy with each other, the person standing next to the couple was none other than senior Mallya, father of Siddharth, Vijay Mallya.
To add fuel to fire, Kevin Pietersen posted a tweet stating that he had lunch with Siddharth and his beau Deepika Padukone. This is not the first time that the two have been spotted kissing each other.
This year when Siddharth gave Deepika a surprise visit on her birthday on 5th January, at Copenhagen, an elated Deepika gave him a kiss in front of her dad.

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