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Tom Cruise to drive BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics in Mission Impossible 4

By Aeyana
Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise will be seen driving the BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics in his upcoming film Mission Impossible 4. This car was recently seen in the streets of Prabhadevi in Mumbai.

The first look of the car itself made passers by go gaga over it. This is a 4-seater Supercar with high profile magnitude technology. Not much details of this supercar have been revealed.
The supercar comes with a torque of 590 lb/ft and produces about 356 horse power. It has a top speed of 250 km/hr and is likely to cross all the confines of our imagination. The car travels 100 km/hr.
This car was brought to India especially for the shooting of the 4th series of the renowned Hollywood film Mission Impossible.
The car made its debut in 2009 at the Frankurt motor show. The BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics is available in a hybrid diesel version which reduces emission and increases fuel efficiency.
BMW is all set to launch their latest model—the BMW VED by latest 2013. This car is presently just a concept. Mercedes Benz too is not far behind.
It is also gearing up to launch its new car akin to VED in the coming years.
(Reporting by Aeyana in Mumbai- Editing by Reeyanki)

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