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World’s Biggest Cave Featured On National Geographic Show

December 20th, tonight,  at 10 PM ET/PT will mark a momentous event honoring the Son Doong Cave in Vietnam, which is without a doubt, the world’s largest cave.  The documentary will follow explorers as they traipsed through the remote Vietnamese jungle and uncovered the vast structure.

Assessing the size of this unique underground ecosystem was no easy task and required the most current precise laser technology. During the original expedition conducted by British cavers in April of 2009, the explorers hit a 46-foot- high wall and could go no further.

The National Geographic program follows the team as they return to the mammoth cavern to finish exploring its interior and to climb that most formidable of walls.

The Son Doong Cave is 262 feet wide throughout most of the passage, and actually contains a river that is more than a mile long and 230 feet of stalagmites. Partially, the cave is 460 feet wide.

Perhaps the most staggering fact about this cave is that an entire jungle lives within its walls and a skyscraper could fit comfortably within its perimeters, leaving so much room to spare that there is no end in sight.
By their very nature, caves are natural enigmas filled with bottomless pits and the epitome of those mysterious creatures that go bump in the perpetual night.

Make sure you watch this amazing National Geographic slated for December 20th.

You may never be the same again.

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