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Impossible News: China Cat Gives Birth To Puppy

Although it is quite impossible for one species of animal to give birth to another, a pet calico cat in Yangshan, eastern China’s Jiangsu Province, has gained fame as the mother of two kittens, including one that turned out to be a puppy!

Zhou Yun, the owner of the cat, noticed that one of the kittens had died shortly after birth and that the other…well, the other was something else.
Zhou is an animal lover and has both cats and dogs in her home. The cat and the dog are friends and eat and sleep together, but this?
“Quite possibly the kitty is a mixed child,” said Zhou.
Genetically, however, this is quite impossible. The president of the pet clinic, Lai Xiaoyun, paid the newborn a visit and theorized that after the death of the kitten, the mother cat discovered a littler of newborn puppies and brought one home.
This is a very possible scenario, but the truth may never be known, as Mama cat is saying nothing.
“Cats and dogs are two different species and it’s impossible to have joint descendants,” stated Lai.
Will this new creature bark or miaow or do some combination of both?
Time will tell.

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